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CREMOSO BAR – Roasted Coffee Beans – 1Kg


 “Roasted coffee beans blended and packed in a protective atmosphere. Intense aroma, creamy with a decisive taste”. 40% Arabica 60% Robusta.

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Product Description

Product Description

Must Cremoso Bar – Roasted Coffee Beans. A strong personality, an unmistakable and creamy taste of the true Italian espresso where sharp notes of the selected African coffee beans are enhanced in a triumph of taste while the complete aroma and the warm embrace of the Brazilian coffee beans burst out from its dense and velvety cream.

Ingredients: Roasted and ground cofee in beans. 40% Arabica; 60% Robusta. Allergens: None.

Codice Prodotto Product Code

Nome Name

Bar Code (Astuccio/Box)



8 056370766000

Misure Pacco** Packaging Dim.**

Peso netto Net weight

Peso lordo astuccio Gross weight / box

Pacchi per Imballo Pack/ Carton

Misure Imballo** Carton Dimensions**

7,5 x 39 x 13cm


2.20 lb / 35,27 oz

1024 g


40x18x30 cm

Peso netto Imballo Net weight / Carton

Peso Lordo Carton Gross weight / Carton

Master per Strato / EuroPallet Master per Layer / EuroPallet

Altezza EuroPallet Height / EuroPallet

Master Tot. per EuroPallet Max Master / EuroPallet

Peso lordo EuroPallet Gross weight / EuroPallet

6,2 Kg

6,9 Kg


160 cm


460 kg

* il marchio non è di proprietà Ultramar Caffe srl nè di azienda ad essa collegate. *the trademark is not owned by Ultramar Caffe nor by companies related to it.

** Profondità x Altezza x Larghezza

** Length x Height x Width

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